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SMA Monitoring and Accesories



SMA Monitoring and Accesories Part Number
SMA Energy Meter (EMETER-10)  10326
SMA Inverter Manager for STP60 (IM-10)  10313
 SMA Sunny Home Manager (HM-BT-10)  10327
 SMA Sunny View (VIEW-10)  10310
 SMA Web Connect / Speed Wire for On Grid (SWDM-10)  10307
 SMA Sunny Beam Wireless  101001
 SMA Web Box – Blue Tooth  10303
 SMA Web Box – RS485  10200
 SMA Sensor Box  10201
 SMA Wind Sensor  S10001
 SMA Ambient Temp Sensor  S10002
 SMA School Meter Box  S10000
 SMA RS485 (DM485CB-10)  10301
 SMA RS485 (485BRD-10)  10322
 SMA Bluetooth Repeater (Indoor) (BTREP-IN)  10328
 SMA Cluster Controller (w/o power supply) (CLCON-S-10)  103251
 SMA Power Supply Unit for Cluster Controller (CLCON-PWRSUPPLY)  10321
 SMA Power Control Module ( PWCMOD-10) (SB and STP10+)  10324
 SMA Power Control Module (PWCBRD-10) (STP5 to 9)  10331
 SMA Surge Protection (DC SPD KIT 2-10)  10329
 SMA Speedwire Kit for SI3.0/4.4/6.0/8.0 (SWDMSI-NR10)  10336
 SMA Multi-function Relay (MFR01-10)  10338
 SMA Sunny Remote Control (SRC-20) (if sold separately)  10323
 SMA RS485 Comms Interface for SI (SI-COMSMA-NR)  10335
 SMA CAN Comms Interface for SI8.0H/6.0H (SI-SYSCAN-NR)  10341