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Established in 2011, TMLEnergy has completed more than 200 Solar PV projects in various parts of Indonesia supported by qualified engineers and creative resources. The solar power plant we built has illuminated more than 100 locations, thousands of homes, with a capacity of more than 15 MWp and will continue to grow to support sustainable development.

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3 MWp Solar PV Microgrid System for mining company, Bontang, Indonesia

Microgrid system is a small scale generator system that can be operated independently or connected to other microgrid systems. Microgrid systems can be a combination of several energy sources, such as solar (PV) energy, diesel generators, or other sources, and are equipped with batteries as energy storage. Solar (PV) microgrid suitable for use in electricity in islands with densely populated and in developing economic areas. It also can be designated as a power system for mining areas, given the burden on mining areas that fluctuates to the extreme, the solar (PV) combined with a diesel generator that called a microgrid system with battery management becomes more reliable and it can manage operating patterns optimally. Microgrid System will reduce electricity rates compared to only using diesel generators.

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  • The base reason for going solar in addition to participating on green issues is because we are concern about cost efficiency for electricity bills.

    Bpk. Agus Purnomo
  • TMLEnergy is such a strong company that we know they have a lot of professional engineer that we can discuss mire detail and they give us a comfort to ensure the system can operate on a long period of time.

    Bpk. Gunawan

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  • Our Action to Support Government Campaign for Sustainable

    One of the Solar Power Plants that we are currently working on is located in Ternate Village, East Nusa Tenggara with a capacity of 280 kWp. With this Solar PV Plant, it is expected to illuminate the village of Ternate where it can help productivity and boost the economy of local residents. This is one of our steps to support the government in developing sustainable development.

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