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Core Business

  • Feasibility Study

    TMLEnergy offers an assessment of the practicality of a Solar Power Plant. It is useful to help the users choose which projects to greenlight and the same data can actually be used to shape the project planning process.
  • Project Construction

    TMLEnergy provides services for the installation of Solar Power Plant. We have experiences constructing various Solar PV System with small to large capacity (Large Scale) with a total capacity of 15 MWp. We are committed to provide the optimal satisfaction and service for our clients.
  • Operation & Maintenance

    Operation & Maintenance are performed for keeping the quality of existing power plant optimized as desired and also to prevent any fatal impairment to any components integrated to the system. This include optimization of an existing power plant to keep producing energy as it’s designated capacity. Operation and Maintenance encompassed activities such as cleansing, check, repair and component replace (if there are any replacement needed).