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Energizing Development (EnDev Indonesia) Partners with TMLEnergy to Provide Accessible Service for Solar Technology

Collaboration between TMLEnergy and Gesellschaft Internationale fuer Zusammernabeit (GIZ) to enable local stakeholders to actively adopting and sustaining renewable energy technology in their region with knowledge and skills available from the partnership

Project PLTS Desa Ampas, Provinsi Papua

A documentary video about rural electrification uploaded by President Joko Widodo into his personal YouTube account, feautring one of our Off Grid PV System project at Keerom Regency, Papua Province

PT Pertamina Persero RU IV Cilacap, Jawa Tengah

A glance on one of our milestone project in 2016, Pertamina RU IV Cilacap Residential PV Rooftop System

TMLEnergy Awarded as TOP 5 EPC Company in Indonesia Best Electricity Award 2016

In 2016, TMLEnergy has been awarded in Indonesia Best Electricity Award 2016.

TMLEnergy Profile Article in Listrik Indonesia Magazine (Ed. 052 15th Sep – 15th Oct 2016)

TMLEnergy is one of avant-garde company in the utilization of solar energy as electrical energy resource in Indonesia.

Top 5 Countries Using Solar Energy

There is a massive shift in paradigms globally as more countries begin to engage the idea of switching to renewable energy on a more significant scale.