Content - Solar Energy Talkshow TMLEnergy Wadah Bagi Masyarakat Memahami Lebih Dalam Pemanfaatan Listrik Tenaga Surya

In order to increase public understanding of solar power applications, TMLEnergy held Solar Energy Talkshow on Friday, March 2, 2018, at Café Coffee @ Company, Jalan Soekarno Hatta No.541C. This time the event brought the topic of Residential Rooftop Solar that describes the utilization of solar electricity for household and commercial scale both in technical and financial aspects.

The talk show drew public attention from various sectors include entrepreneur, private and state-owned enterprise employees, as well as students. The presenter for this talk show are David Parulian, TMLEnergy Engineer who outlined the basic concepts of solar power generation and net-metering applications, followed by Suka Pradita, from TMLEnergy’s marketing team that explained the financial aspects of solar power generation for household scale, and moderated by Annisa Chairani, Business Development Manager TMLEnergy. The talk show started at 7:15 pm and ended at 21:15 pm

The enthusiasm from talk show participants was very high, as seen from long duration of the Q & A session, and the discussion between some of the participants with staffs from TMLEnergy which continued even after the series of events was over.

The Solar Energy Talkshow event is one of TMLEnergy’s programs to provide more elaborate understanding for public about renewable energy, especially in solar energy application. Based on previous TMLEnergy campaign, people are generally keen on using electricity from solar energy. However there is limited access for knowledge about solar energy system more thoroughly. Nevertheless, Solar Energy Talkshow will be held on the first week of each month at Café Coffee @ Company, with various topics of discussion. We sincerely hoped that through this event, the public will gain information and be more familiar with the application of solar energy system and to be motivated in utilizing this source of energy.