Content - Musyawarah Nasional Asosiasi Energi Surya Indonesia (AESI) I, Memantapkan Langkah Pengembangan Pemanfaatan Energi Surya di Indonesia

The Indonesian Solar Energy Association or AESI is an organization formed to develop the subject of renewable energy in Indonesia specializing in solar energy domain. By looking at the reality that solar energy is a cluster of subjects in renewable energy that far left behind compared to other clusters. However, seeing that the global trend especially in the field of energy, a transition from the fossil era to the era of silicon is happening. This transition is marked by the shift of utilization of conventional or fossil energy sources to high technology and environmentally friendly energy sources.

On Thursday, January 25, 2018, AESI held its 2018 Congress in Gedung Sarula, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Central Jakarta. TMLEnergy had the opportunity to participate in preparing the event. This event was supported by several government agencies such as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Industry, the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), and the Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, as well as various private stakeholders, state owned enterprise, and individuals within solar energy field in Indonesia.

Congress was opened with remarks by the AESI initiator, Mr. Luluk Sumiarso followed by remarks from the Directorate General of Renewable and New Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, with Mr. Rida Mulyana as representative for Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources. In both remarks it underlined that AESI will consolidate to jointly support the achievement of national energy policy targets to reach the realization of energy of justice throughout the country.

Congress continued with the launch of the Gerakan Nasional Sejuta Surya Atap (GNSSA) Movement portal. GNSSA is one of the programs signed by 14 institutions with the mission of installing one million photovoltaic roof systems for homes, factories, houses of worship, and other roof buildings suitable for solar energy installations. This GGNSA portal is one of the tasks of AESI that serves as an instrument to connect stakeholders and reliable reference information for public use related to solar energy technology. GGNSA Portal can be visited through website address:

In addition to the launch of GNSSA portal, presentation about Indosolar exhibition also held within the congress. Indosolar is an international exhibiton event that featuring products, technology and services in the renewable energy industry sector, especially photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies with AESI as the host of the event. Indosolar is planned to be held on July 11 – 13, 2018, at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Kemayoran, Jakarta with potential target of 6000 visitors from both domestic and overseas.

The series of congress event was continued with the core of the event which is the establishment of the Article of Association. Congress was led by the head of the congress: Mr. Bambang Sumaryo, Mr. Oo Abdul Rosyid, and Mr. M A M Oktaufik. The series of events consist of: AESI 2016 – 2018 Management Report, Article of Association Discussion, and Work Program Discussion for 2018 -2020 period. In the discussion of AESI Work Program also conducted election of Chairman, Chairman of Board of Trustees, and Chairman of AESI Expert Council.

Congress approved the election results as follows:

Chairman of AESI: Mr. Andhika Prastawa

Chairman of AESI Founding Committee: Mr. Luluk Sumiarso

Chairman of AESI Expert Council: Mr. Nur Pamudji

Furthermore, the ceremony is closed with remarks from each elected chairman.

With the establishment of AESI board for 2018-2020, it is expected that the development of solar energy utilization in Indonesia is clearly mapped. And also wider awareness of the community across the country to make use of green energy sources as energy supply.

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