Content - Energising Development (EnDev Indonesia) Bekerjasama dengan TMLEnergy untuk Peningkatan Akses Pelayanan Listrik Tenaga Surya

Bandung, 19 September 2016

Energising Development (EnDev) Indonesia establishes a partnership with TMLEnergy, one of major solar technology company in Indonesia, that aims to improve accessibility of solar technology and its maintenance services in Indonesia. Through years of work in rural electrification, EnDev Indonesia found that the lack of accessible technical services has become a major hurdle to sustain operation of the installed systems. Combining years of experiences and aligned mission in renewable energy development, the partnership optimists to enable local stakeholders to actively adopting and sustaining renewable energy technology in their region with knowledge and skills available from the partnership.

The partnership was formalized by a memorandum of cooperation (MOC) signed by Programme Coordinator of GIZ Energy Program. Mr. Rudolf Rauch, and Director of TMLEnergy, Mrs. Nany Wardhani. Held in Bandung, the signing event was attended by EnDev Indonesia, led by Ms. Amalia Suryani, and TMLEnergy team. The partnership has carried out several joint-activities that include market observation in the targeted region, and sharing session on the topic of service and repair for solar mini-grid in the 6th Indonesia EBTKE Conex 2017. As pilot project, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) province is chose to start this partnership, NTB is province that has one of the biggest renewable energy mixed ratio in its energy use.

EnDev Indonesia is an Indonesia-German cooperation that is implemented by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources through Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (EBTKE) and Gesellschaft Internationale fuer Zusammernabeit (GIZ), since 2012. It focuses on energy access using renewable energy for unelectrified area in Indonesia. Furthermore, TMLEnergy is an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company with more than five-years of experiences in solar technology and has worked on hundreds of solar mini-grids systems across Indonesia, both from public and private financing.