Content - PT Pertamina Persero RU IV Cilacap, Jawa Tengah

Renewable Spirit

As one of Pertamina’s commitment in the spirit of revolution for renewable energy, Pertamina took its first milestone when constructing solar power plant in megawatts capacity. Solar power plants is an advance alternative when providing efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy. As an addition to Pertamina’s main core business, harnessing the latest technologies in renewable energy gains steady courses to aim for World Class State-Owned Energy Company.

The Milestone

Over the years, green energy has emerged vastly. As a further approach for green-living, Pertamina visualize a future of self-sustainability of their employees and its closest community. These green self-sustainability efforts starts from the very core of the company itself by producing electricity sufficient for employee’s daily consumption and living facilities. In Refinery Unit IV Cilacap, a total of 43 roof consist of senior employee houses, General Manager house, and several utility buildings including hospital were supplemented with Solar PV rooftop, in total capacity of more than 1 MWp, that marks one of the biggest rooftop installation in Indonesia to date.

Best Value of Solar Photovoltaic

TMLEnergy is privileged to take part in Pertamina’s first step revolution for renewable energy. It is our specialization to provide green energy with an excellent quality, excellent service, and great economic value. Green energy can be an investment for our future not only financially, but also investment for the next generation. By reducing CO2 emission, suppressing the rise of global temperature, and converting to renewable energy, we can make the world a better place together.


Key Facts:

System Size : 1055 kWp

Est. Lifetime Energy Yield : 27.5 Million kWh

Est. Lifetime Cost Saving : 40.4 Billion IDR

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction : 19.4 Thousand Metric Ton

Equivalent to: 8.2 Million Litre of Gasoline Consumed