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TMLEnergy – The Solar Energy Solution

TMLEnergy – The Solar Energy Solution

Giving Benefit to entire community also keeping better future for the environment, is the business motivation and principle of TMLEnergy. “Providing energy for better future” is the company’s vision that needs to be accomplished.

“25% of the company’s business was failed in their first year”, TMLEnergy has proved that they were not the part of the 25% probability. Now, the company that founded in 2011, would prove again that TMLEnergy is also not a part of 70% probability of the company’s business that facing failure in their 10th year.

TMLEnergy is one of avant-garde company in the utilization of solar energy as electrical energy resource in Indonesia. Their core business was focused on renewable energy. As an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company with emphasize on engineering design and installation of Solar PV-Power Plant, TMLEnergy has a solid and strong human resources to compete within renewable energy field.

The competences that TMLEnergy have are consisting feasibility study start from system design that would matched with required technical specification, guaranteed quality of materials from trusted manucfacturer, materials and components availability which could be integrated with existing system design, site analysis, energy yield analysis, and financial analysis.

“Since 2011 up until now, we have developed and serviced many clients that spread all across the nation, ” said Nany Wardhani, the CEO of TMLEnergy.

She hope that as their business focus, TMLEnergy could give benefit to community as well as save the environment while keeping on the idealism as professional within the field. Furthermore, that is supported by one of their mission becoming solution for fulfilling energy needs from alternative sources.

TMLEnergy keeps encouraging all of its employee to contribute by applying “Getting everyone on the same table” principle. Moreover, with “Being Likeable” concept, they hope it could help them to run their business, communicate, and maintain good relationship with all of their stakeholder. “That being likeable business could be applied within the company and all of our stakeholder,” Nany Wardhani added.

From innovation side, TMLEnergy has concept  of innovation that focused on giving a better solution, better process, and improve their engineering division for better performing. Therefore, the development program that conducted is focused on their engineering skill.

With their experience as EPC company in renewable energy, especially photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system, TMLEnergy has been trusted to carrying numerous projects in Indonesia in various type of design such as Solar Street Light, Operation and Maintenance, and Stand Alone PV System with Battery.

Among their projects, TMLEnergy has been constructed one of biggest PV System in Indonesia, in Oksibil, Pegunungan Bintang, Papua with 350 kilowatts peak (kWp) installed capacity in 2012, appointed by PT INTI (Persero) and PLN Papua and West Papua Region. This project has been recorded in Indonesia Museum of Record (MURI). To add, there also Hybrid PV-Diesel system in Kur Island, Tual, Maluku with 100 kWp installed capacity, and 100 kWp Standalone PV System in West Solor, Nusa Tenggara Timur also in 2012.

TMLEnergy has been appointed as well to carrying the installation of 300 units of Solar Street Light on Soekarno Hatta International Airport Toll Road. This project has been recorded in MURI as well as The Longest Solar Streel Light in Indonesia.