Content - 5 Negara Teratas yang Memanfaatkan Energi Surya

There is a massive shift in paradigms globally as more countries begin to engage the idea of switching to renewable energy on a more significant scale. With the use of photovoltaic systems and passive solar design, countries moving forward in their quest to effectively engage the global warming crisis by reducing harmful emissions. There is a great deal of conversation about how progressive Germany is in this area, as well as it should be, being that they lead the world in the production of solar energy.

Following is a list of the tip five solar energy-producing companies in the world. The countries are ranked based on their photovoltaic solar energy capacity.


Germany takes the first spot in a landslide with more than double the capacity of the country that is listed second. At current, Germany has 9,785 MW of photovoltaic energy production capacity. In 2009 alone, it was reported that Germany installed nearly 4,000 MW of PV solar energy capacity.


It seems that the European Countries are embracing the idea at a much more rapid pace than other parts of the world. Spain comes in at the number-two spot with 2,386 MW. At one point, Spain was the leader in newly installed photovoltaic systems, until the major push by Germany in 2009. One of the primary causes for their drop in production was the complications with the government subsidy program that helped fiancé the installation of these systems.


Once Japan moved into the 20th Century, it was viewed as a forward thinking country. They have remained true to that designation when it comes to solar energy. They currently hold the third spot with 2,633 of solar energy capacity. Right now, a great deal of Japan’s program is driven by the government who hopes to get the private sector involved.

United States

The United States is fourth in the world in solar energy production capacity at 1,650 MW. Many are expecting their current growth to gain momentum as state-level policies are geared to encourage the installation of new systems over the next 10 years. It would not be surprising to see the US eventually take the first spot.


Italy, another European country, rounds out the top five. Italy has 1,167 MW of capacity. In 2009, Italy had the second largest solar energy growth, following Germany.

As the world grapples with global warming, look to see more international summits geared toward pushing solar energy.